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International Power Engineering Exhibition & Conference, Nigeria.

The International Power Engineering Exhibition and Conference (IPECON) is a premier forum for electrical power engineering researchers and professionals to scoop challenges within Electricity Supply Industry and consequently discuss, distribute and advance the state of research and development aimed at solving the identified challenges. It is one of few conferences, hosted in Nigeria, which facilitate exchange of insights and innovations between industry practitioners, academia and policy managers.

IPECON is managed by the Nigerian Institution of Power Engineers. It holds annually and its maiden edition was held in year 2018. The 2021 edition is co-sponsored by Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria.

Invited Partners
The Federal Ministry of Power

The Federal Minister of Power and the Honourable Minister of Power have provided the needed leadership and impetus to develop the Electricity sector in Nigeria.

The World Bank – Global Partner

The World Bank has been involved in the funding of clean energy initiatives all over the world and in particular Nigeria. World Bank will be expected to share this immense experience gained across Africa and the globe on Bank financed Mini Grid Projects which is helping to improve global access to clean electricity.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) – Knowledge and development Partner

The GIZ’s development interest in the Nigerian energy sector and working with key stake holders has helped in the development of regulation for the Mini-grid and the Nigerian Energy Code. GIZ is expected to provide inside perspective on opportunities and potential drivers for the growth of the Mini-Grid development.

The Private Businesses/Investors – Growing the industry with innovation

Private Businesses and investors have remained the main driver of change in the NESI, bringing innovation, expertise and funding to the industry. The Private sector will be expected to share challenges and engage with other stakeholders to suggest measures to ease identified barriers to the development of Mini-grid in Nigeria.

The Researchers – Knowledge Partners

Nigerian researchers and research institutes has remained at the fore front of collecting real data for modelling of the Nigeria Mini-Grid situation for National development.

The Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) – The Industry Regulator

The NERC has brought global best practices to the NESI, providing direction and push for the rapid growth of the Mini Grid. NERC will be expected to provide insight into future Regulation, improving compliance and enhancing the growth of indigenous businesses.

The Rural Electrification Agency – The Mini-Grid driver

REA is playing leading role in the application and deployment of Mini-Grid in Nigeria with a number of success stories. REA will be expected to shed light on achievements and future strategies working with Service providers and professional institutions.